Wednesday, February 25, 2009

chess mssps

abes pun..
how tired to think again when i was strugling to play with proper lunch, not-so fresh mind & body.. isk2
alhamdulillah..and tomorrow, my life gonna be back to normal~
uh oh! chemistry + physics will be waiting for me tomorrow~~ ahaha..uuuuu
apa lagi yer..

hurm..about my ranking in the tournement....hehe but not the top 10rs.. uuuuu
i got only 4 & a half point..huhu..first time masuk camni lahh
overall, 4 wins, 2 lose and 1 draw game...
check this out.. #14 tu lah saya..
based on what i've heard just now at the prize giving ceremony,
an important guest said, "follow this, L-love E-enjoy P-proud S-sincere, in everything single thing you are doing"
gals, i'm glad that i really enjoy this tournement..i met friends from all over perlis..most of all are my former acquaintances... :)
i got the chance to improve my thinking skill..
i learnt to be calm before doing moves..
diminishing my mistakes & carelessness..

apa2 pun, alhamdulillah..tahniah pada yg menang~!

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