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chess mssps

abes pun..
how tired to think again when i was strugling to play with proper lunch, not-so fresh mind & body.. isk2
alhamdulillah..and tomorrow, my life gonna be back to normal~
uh oh! chemistry + physics will be waiting for me tomorrow~~ ahaha..uuuuu
apa lagi yer..

hurm..about my ranking in the tournement....hehe but not the top 10rs.. uuuuu
i got only 4 & a half point..huhu..first time masuk camni lahh
overall, 4 wins, 2 lose and 1 draw game...
=) check this out.. #14 tu lah saya.. based on what i've heard just now at the prize giving ceremony,
an important guest said, "follow this, L-love E-enjoy P-proud S-sincere, in everything single thing you are doing"
gals, i'm glad that i really enjoy this tournement..i met friends from all over perlis..most of all are my former acquaintances... :)
i got the chance to improve my thinking skill..
i learnt to be calm before doing moves..
diminishing my mistakes & carelessness..

apa2 pun, a…

tired. fed up.


ya Allah.. what a very challenging+tired+annoying day today..
friends are sucks. im the suckest one.
today, the only day in my whole life that i became a very hypocrite person.

my friend (not my sis7ers) asks me about my opinion on somebody.. all i said are the negative things (that are what others think about the person) while my brain interprets the positive things. i said A is B, while my mind translate it to say A is not B.. isk2..such a hypocrite interpretation of me..

next, i kept smiling widely even my heart's cursing a person today. not really a person. people, to be exact. i'm all the way smiling from the morning till after the school. she bosses around even though she is not the class monitor. (she's just a ..... leader where my position is higher but luckily im not really that bossy when it comes to the matter of being 'creative~'). even my class monitor dont boss around like her. who are you, friend?
what i can say is im glad to be her maid tod…

i'm sixteen, and in love!

alhamdulillah..dah genap 15 tahun aku hidup..
banyaknya garam yg aku dah telan..jangan nanti tua dapat darah tinggi sudahlah -_-..
tapi, kalu nak ikutkan, x semua 15s (org umur 15 taun) ada pengalaman yang sama byak..
aku masih x cukup pengalaman bab public speaking...yaa salam.
x macam mereka2 di australia sana~ kan aisyah??

skang dah masuk group sixteens..huu..
tadi baca paper about a 16s girl kat europe sana.. banyak sungguh faa'il kpada'uzubillah.. what i am going to say is she looks older than her age.. at first, i think she's in her 20s..ya salam..
gals, how am i look like??
uuuuu no coment please.

apa kes aku letak tajuk in love tu?
kes seagull.
im in love with add math. tadi dating dah kena penangannya~ love's stroke~~
..cinta fasa ke-3 quadratic function. fuuh.. sempoi. setiap saat dan ketika aku memikirkanmu add math :) x tipu! skang nih tgh piker camna nk approach my love~~~
sabtu nih date lagi! ♥_♥

ms seagull nk chow..salam

my precious seven

"everything changes gradually when the LONE RANGER slowly crept into the tunnel of life~ (",)"

that's what i put in my shout out box at fenster..
wonder who's the lone ranger is.. :) -is it really me?-

when i think about it,
my life is about to begin.. i had to live on my own, for i had been tagging along my friends before.. but now, i have to all the things on my own..even when i face a problem, no more my two closest friends to give me the solutions.. :) that's me before.. always tagging along them..hehe

today, i think about a thought, which i have always share them with muna.. my other sis7ers are not sekepala in this matter.. :) -kami sekepala ikut lain- ya salamm..hehe. but then, the thought just lay inside my head for nobody suits me on the matter~

when i was in add math. class this afternoon, i think about najee.. she's the one who thought me add math.. tadi, terpaksa lah faham sendiri.. huhu

my sis7ers are always by my side..
i spilled a bit…

epal yg tinggi, bisakah?

Wahai diriku... Wanita ibarat epal. Epal yg x berkualiti...amat mudah diperolehi kerana ia berguguran ditanah... Tapi epal yg tak mampu dibeli, ia berada di puncak. Susah dipetik, susah di gapai. Terkadang epal itu risau, kenapalah diriku belum dipetik. Lantas ia merendahkan martabatnya dan menggugurkan diri menyembah tanah.
Sedangkan ia sebenarnya telah ALLAH jadikan
begitu tinggi martabatnya. Sebenarnya..epal itu terlalu tinggi... elok sifatnya... sehinggakan tiada siapa yg berani memetiknya. Hanya pemuda yg benar2 hebat sahaja bisa memperolehinya... Mungkin bukan di dunia... tp mungkin di akhirat? Biarlah jodohnya bukan di dunia... asalkan cinta ILAHI mengiringinya...tak semestinya dipetik di taman dunia rite? Tp lebih bermakna bile ALLAH
mengarahkan hamba yg disayanginya
utk memetik di taman akhirat kelak

friends, sis7ers..
jagalah kwnmu yg lemah ini..
juga kawan2 yang lain..
dalam kelas sudah ada maksiat.. sabda Nabi, "siapa yg melihat kemungkaran maka cegahlah dengan tangan, ji…

friendships. sis7ers

"friends forever", we promised. "together till the end." we did everything with each other you are my best friends
when i was sad, you were by my side when i was scared, you felt my fear, you are my best support if i needed you, you were there.
we are the greatest friends we always knew what to say we made everything seems better. as long as we had each other, everything would be okay.
but somehow along the line, we slowly come apart. i was here, you were there but you'll always be in my heart
things were changing, our cheerful music reversed its tune, it was like having salt without pepper, a sun without its moon.
suddenly we were miles apart, seven different people, with least the same it was as if we hadn't been friends; although we know deep in out seven hearts, neither one of us is to be blame.
we had made many new friends and luckily, they are all kind. but that didn't change the hurt- the loss of our friendships made us cry
as we grow older, things must change but they …

tanggal 6 feb 2009


today, 6/2/2009, written in my life that i'll be come apart with my bestest friend..
when i reverse to my 'archive' memories, i still remember how i met her for the first langkawi although we are not really that close just like now
Allah stated that i would be her room mate that time..
hadn't meet her
until form 1, i met her again..
continue to form 2 sumaiyah..
3 sumaiyah =) sweet memories at 'port belakang'
4 s.. port blakang which lasts till 6/2/09.. (-_-,,)

may we'll find peace & success wherever we are..
sis7ers, together we proceed to success~!
mode: seagull oops, the word belongs to fasiah... ~_~,,