Sunday, January 4, 2009


yeah, i'll be going back to school tomorrow.
how i miss the memorable times in port belakang~ :)

i still love this school, even though there are some inconvenience..
you know why, it is a berkat-ful wakaf
well, that's what people have been saying

oh la laa~

may tomorrow gonna be an easy one :)

++class position++class teachers++friends++

++siapalah yang bertuah akan duduk di sebelahku??++



  1. hurm.. thn kakak ak (5 thn lepas :P) ... bebudak 9A bahagi 2.. setengah duk kelas S, setengah duk kelas SF.. tapi kelas mana pun ak hepi.. aslkan x duk skali golongan ikan2 tu..(depa dah pindah skolah kan? *hopeful eyes*)
    ak x leh online dah esok :(

  2. uh oh..aku still online
    tp sat ja lah..huhu


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