Sunday, January 11, 2009

..tuition isn't my nature..

uuuuhh.. it's so bored+lazy+annoying when going to tuition
well, almost every teachers there give me a super bad first impression about spm subjects.. -_-
tau lah susah, tp jgn nak wat gempar..kul semangat jer

hurm..first day, add math + english + math.
math - super duper triple bored
english - dont tell anything i taught to your teacher. bodo <- it isnt me who said this.
masa add math, ok je cikgu tu ajar..
ada makhluk bernama g2.. but i dont really notice that creature as i sit in the front's just najee who told me about that but it dont bother me at all -who cares if that creature studying here?-


today. eii..kira nak duduk depan jer.. syampu btol. dah la kepala agak tinggi tp nasib baiklah aku masih nampak 'mee'.. hurmm kalu x, asyik nampak rumput aka landak jer
ada ke patut it's me who supposed to enter b1 first but the creatureS kept blocking the way..bleyh bl~

semoga biology class x da mereka2!
aduh, x ska pg tuition lorh~!

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