Sunday, January 25, 2009

s.B.P is sekolah baik pulih


i got the offer to sbp intergrasi kubang pasu =)
the first thing flashed to my mind is.. "where is it?" -bukit kyu hitam-
uh oh..ceruk la pulak~
at first i was so nervous when checking my name, and after c0nfirming the offer, i was so excited that i ran to the window and say out loud to the outside.. "mak, adik dapat intergrasi kubang pasu!!"
-jakun memang begitu- muahaha :D

nevertheless, i dont really think about going there..
in fact, i got amanah here in many amanah to be carry out till the end.. =)
i dont really have a clear view of me staying in residential school..aahahha

talking about sbp, today at tuition class :) ramai gak sembang psal sbp..
huhu..nampaknya kalu semua yg bincang tu pergi, al-kesunyian akan menerjahlah ke situ..huhuhu
ada x kena, x da lagi lah x kena
hehe..alhamdulillah arini x da masalah dengan para pakar kulit sekalian..
chemistry- senang sampai x kisah apa yg melindung & terlindung
physisc- sit in the front but unfortunately terlindung oleh cikgu sendiri -_-
biology- same as last week =) but in 4th row..sebelah schoolmate azra.. -i meet new fren today!-
pakar kulit? sentiasa di depan~

hurm..i think that's all for now

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