Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year 2009

it has been a long time since the birth of me
for almost 16 years i've been living
Alhamdulillah :)

what i've been babbling about?.. oh..gross
i dont really excited about the coming new year, to tell the truth
well, it is just .....i dont know what's wrong in me

last night, i spent my time with mom watching 2009 countdown at tv2.. we share the same idea that there's nothing called entertainments in the new year celebration. just singing, dancing and all the karat yet bengKang & bengKong stuffs. so bored but we still watched it during Intan's 'commercial breaks'. [mommy loves Intan series! and last night, Intan broke up with Rado :P and i saw she cried :)]
however, on this new year eve, where everybody should spend time with the closest whether with families or friends, my father had to work -_-
pity to him.. it have been for 3 days++ since he had to work for extra hours.. thanks to 'klinik desa's' projects sg baru, kuala perlis and behor latih.. -_-
and today, surprisingly, i hadn't meet with my father
mom said to me last night, "your father gone to work for two years, right?" :) at least, that does cheer me up a bit

this morning, i wake up around 9.50 a.m
such a great feeling to be alive in 2009 first day!
i dont know why i always think of death and separation recently.. it keep in my mind for almost every time.
when im happy, i'll end up thinking that that moment will be my last time eventually.. grhghh

so, me, myself and I..
forget the past and lets unwrapped the presents :) that u've just got :D

++even till this time++
++i got another call just now, from my cousin :)++
++she congratulate me++
++and i thanked her++
++so much :)++

forget the past and lets unwrapped the presents!

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