Friday, January 16, 2009

luv it! rona roni makaroni~~!

i really love this quirky drama. that's it. happening giler
the way rona & roni talk is playfull and full of loyar buruk =) hehe

i remember once when rona said, "wat perangkap tikus ke?" when she saw roni but roni remained silent.. realising that she know it already & her budi bahasa isnt on him, she said to herself "dak aih.. wat perangkap had laju. tak nampak ka? bodo betul" *patting her head LOL
so, i'd like to share this with u guys..
this is the synopsis copy pasted from
Rona is a new girl in town. She works in a restaurant to survive. Unlucky for her, she was fired from the restaurant, and now she went out looking for a new opportunity, even better if she gets to be a cook! Fate has brought Rona to meet Roni, owner of an exclusive Western and Italian restaurant. Here, Rona starts her new career, and a whole new chapter of the life. Knowing Roni not just teaches her the differences between laksa and spaghetti, it also teaches her the meaning of love, but too bad for her, because Roni is engaged. How can Rona faced her everyday loving someone who belongs to someone else?

then, try to hear the ost..fuh.. the music superb, a new concept to me but the lyric's hell nonsen to relate to me..ahahah
'akan tiba' by alif oiam.. i dont really know him before, to tell the truth! :)

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