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s.B.P is sekolah baik pulih


i got the offer to sbp intergrasi kubang pasu =)
the first thing flashed to my mind is.. "where is it?" -bukit kyu hitam-
uh oh..ceruk la pulak~
at first i was so nervous when checking my name, and after c0nfirming the offer, i was so excited that i ran to the window and say out loud to the outside.. "mak, adik dapat intergrasi kubang pasu!!"
-jakun memang begitu- muahaha :D

nevertheless, i dont really think about going there..
in fact, i got amanah here in many amanah to be carry out till the end.. =)
i dont really have a clear view of me staying in residential school..aahahha

talking about sbp, today at tuition class :) ramai gak sembang psal sbp..
huhu..nampaknya kalu semua yg bincang tu pergi, al-kesunyian akan menerjahlah ke situ..huhuhu
ada x kena, x da lagi lah x kena
hehe..alhamdulillah arini x da masalah dengan para pakar kulit sekalian..
chemistry- senang sampai x kisah apa yg melindung & terlindung
physisc- sit in the front but unfort…

luv it! rona roni makaroni~~!

i really love this quirky drama. that's it. happening giler the way rona & roni talk is playfull and full of loyar buruk =) hehe
i remember once when rona said, "wat perangkap tikus ke?" when she saw roni but roni remained silent.. realising that she know it already & her budi bahasa isnt on him, she said to herself "dak aih.. wat perangkap had laju. tak nampak ka? bodo betul" *patting her head LOL so, i'd like to share this with u guys.. this is the synopsis copy pasted from hehe.. Rona is a new girl in town. She works in a restaurant to survive. Unlucky for her, she was fired from the restaurant, and now she went out looking for a new opportunity, even better if she gets to be a cook! Fate has brought Rona to meet Roni, owner of an exclusive Western and Italian restaurant. Here, Rona starts her new career, and a whole new chapter of the life. Knowing Roni not just teaches her the differences between laksaand spaghetti,it also teaches her th…

Kisah seluar baruku~!

Tadi, lepas habis biology’s tuition class (which the creature’s nowhere to be seen = bagos), I went to TS with my mom..hehe nk beli seluar rentas desa esok~..well, we’re in hurry as I don’t Asar yet.. about 15 minutes browsing the racks, I found a blue cheetah tracksuit. X pa lah, amik lah yang tu..
When I reached the cashier, something which I consider funny happen…
Me : (bagi resit)
Cashier : (trima resit..huhu)(lps amik barang) the store card?
Me : huh?
Cashier : the store card.. (pointing at the card which im holding it)
Me : tapi, nih bukan yang saya (pointing at baju MERAH ANG which she’s holding it)
Cashier : resit nih.. baju merah
Me : seluar
Cashier : nih baju merah
Me : seluaar
Cashier : tak da pun (sambil menoleh2 belakang cari atas counter)
Me : tu.. seluaarrr. Seluar biru bawah sekali tu.. (seluar aku berada bawah timbunan baju2 lain)
Cashier : cuba panggil sales girl
Me : (frowning) seluaarrr (apsal suruh aku pulak)
Cashier2 : (tolong dial promoter utk cashier yg x brapa nak reti…

..tuition isn't my nature..

uuuuhh.. it's so bored+lazy+annoying when going to tuition
well, almost every teachers there give me a super bad first impression about spm subjects.. -_-
tau lah susah, tp jgn nak wat gempar..kul semangat jer

hurm..first day, add math + english + math.
math - super duper triple bored
english - dont tell anything i taught to your teacher. bodo <- it isnt me who said this.
masa add math, ok je cikgu tu ajar..
ada makhluk bernama g2.. but i dont really notice that creature as i sit in the front's just najee who told me about that but it dont bother me at all -who cares if that creature studying here?-


today. eii..kira nak duduk depan jer.. syampu btol. dah la kepala agak tinggi tp nasib baiklah aku masih nampak 'mee'.. hurmm kalu x, asyik nampak rumput aka landak jer
ada ke patut it's me who supposed to enter b1 first but the creatureS kept blocking the way..bleyh bl~

semoga biology class x da mereka2!
aduh, x ska pg tuition lorh~!


yeah, i'll be going back to school tomorrow.
how i miss the memorable times in port belakang~ :)

i still love this school, even though there are some inconvenience..
you know why, it is a berkat-ful wakaf
well, that's what people have been saying

oh la laa~ may tomorrow gonna be an easy one :)++class position++class teachers++friends++++siapalah yang bertuah akan duduk di sebelahku??++++:)++

new year 2009

it has been a long time since the birth of me
for almost 16 years i've been living
Alhamdulillah :)

what i've been babbling about?.. oh..gross
i dont really excited about the coming new year, to tell the truth
well, it is just .....i dont know what's wrong in me

last night, i spent my time with mom watching 2009 countdown at tv2.. we share the same idea that there's nothing called entertainments in the new year celebration. just singing, dancing and all the karat yet bengKang & bengKong stuffs. so bored but we still watched it during Intan's 'commercial breaks'. [mommy loves Intan series! and last night, Intan broke up with Rado :P and i saw she cried :)]
however, on this new year eve, where everybody should spend time with the closest whether with families or friends, my father had to work -_-
pity to him.. it have been for 3 days++ since he had to work for extra hours.. thanks to 'klinik desa's' projects sg baru, kuala perlis and behor latih.. -_-