Thursday, December 4, 2008

uh super sweet 16 [part1] thinking about my super sweet 16

what the sweet recipe that I've just discovered are
  • how i love add math. my first impression: *nganga*..huhu. may u love me too. thank u for loving fasihah so much. ^_^ hope i can share the love too~ seagull <3>baru blajar kat fsihah the fangirl~
  • my super first tuition is (will be) really best. teachers bersungguh2 nk ajar.. makacih~ i'll try for a month..and if sth wrong, blah! i really hope nothing wrong happen. i love to go for tuition classes. =)
  • hurmm what's more to say..

i think that's all for now. *hang*

to be continue.. [if i found another sweetie!]

seagull pon cantik


  1. ♥ ♥ ♥ (hearts for you :))
    fasihah the fangirl? apa kes ar.. ak bkn full-time fangirl.. kadang2 sja..

  2. makacih for the hearts -cam sarcastic jaa-
    hahaha ..ngek la ko

    x nk ngaku lagi..almost of da time ur fangirling~

  3. slm...
    wow..dh ad blog snri nmpknya yea...
    skng kt cc kl..bru trun flight..haha..trus cri cc...hehe...k..slm

  4. ak mana pandai gna sarcasm -_-" .. at least x sepandai ang~
    bkn salah ak adik ak dua orang tu comel... *fangirling mode semi-active*

  5. salam semua
    i_syah =)
    wah..wah..wahh..=) kwn km nih..beshnya
    psl pa x kat hotel ja..hehe :D

    FS Ning
    haha..tau x pa

    kui kui..ak memang jht x_^


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