Tuesday, December 9, 2008

satu hari di hari raya

kmarin, hari raya haji 1429H..
the day starts with my mother calling my name, waking me up, saying today is raya..
huhu..i went to the kitchen. and..there's no ketupat. no kuih raya. my dad & bro go no new baju rayas (sis, mom & I got 'saree' each :D). nobody coming (yes!). no every-raya routine (balik msjid makan ktupat rendang.)
it was like another weekend where everybody were very busy doing housechores
in fact, pagi raya pon still vacuuming..hehe trademark la tuu
at noon, my parents went to kenduri next to my house
and the best part of that day,
we all went to umah tok ton..where mak cik [i used to call cik], mak ngah, mak su [cuja], [cuji] pak su wat korban.. its really great to watch them cooking and chatting..hahah..we had 'lunch'[around 4 pm??] together at the outside of the house..it's a nice felling with everybody there BUT the gulai daging tawar. daging bakar liat sket.
luckily, air asam was so superb! that i find myself sneezing all the time today bcoz of the strong belacan. adeh -_-
soon after having our stomachs full with dagingS, we went straight to cleaning [tu keja org tua2]..hehe and i was like melepak-ing with cousins there, watching evrybody cleaning~
out of the blue :), "oii!, oii!"..everybdy stopped doing things. surprised to the out of nowhere shout. suara ada..orang x nmpak. [pelik~!] then, my mak ngah storming out of the house saying that it was an old man over there~ ..di sbalik semak samun-patut x nmpak.. hooho..it was my tok's uncle ~> my nyang. hehe
then, after asar i take a nap in da house ..knyang smpai ngantuk.. a short one, i guess. :) but my sis captured my full-stomach-yet-sleepy posing ..hehe she said it was like prmpuan melayu terakhir.. *seagull aku* it's ok but still, my mouth nganga sket~..huhu
at last, before maghrib, we went home..huhu.. back to the normal life where it will last until knuri..hehe selagi x knuri, selagi tu la mengemas, menghias, me..repek?

ahahha..that's all as i can recall :)

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