Sunday, December 21, 2008

rombongan... [part 1]

..yesterday's story..
it was my sis wedding yesterday, at kl. it was held in dwn dato ahmad razali ..hehe
merasa gak aku gi wedding kat dewan.ahaks *jakun* 2 degree relatives & family went there by bus lah~ about 9.30 pm btolak..hehe
bfore that, around after isya', my cousins reach my home to send my wa yah to my house (they dont join us).. and..somehow, my mom invite them to go along with us but they say,
"x pa lah~.. ada brapa lagi tmpat kosong??" "5 lagi.." "owh..sat nak pi mesyuarat"
and they went back to their car.. =). soon after that, she bring along her cousin lahh..and they do chit-chating (mesyuarat lahh) with everybody at the kitchen. but they still dont have the decision.. hurmm

when everybody see my bagS, they are all surprised. "isk..macam nak pi sminggu!" i was just like.. "hehe..*sengih kerang rebus* "

around 9.15 pm, when almost everybody here in my house, ready to wait for the bus, the cousin when rushing to their home begin packing.. adeh
im quite amaze with them, in their last-minute-decided journey, they manage to do it and reach the bus at 9.45 pm, i think. but, im really2 surprised to see them manage to get ready to go kl in less than 30 min! whoa..respect lah kak pah

and so..our journey go to kl..

there's nothing interesting along the way.. i peep through the glass and saw nothing. it's dark out there anyway~.. hurmm..

soon, when we reach kl in the morning, we went to a condo -i think- at lanai height.. hehe *jakun lagi skali*
my new abang rent it for us about 40 people. at 21st floor, jumpa la rumah2 tu.. my pak lang look through the balcony and say, "keta besar kora" [buat yg x paham: kereta nampak besar kura-kura] hahaha... i lol and try do so but gayat siot~!.. uuuuuuuu

at noon, semua dah dressed chantek2.. ready nk masuk majlis~.. ahahah... [my family:purple, relatives sblah mak: pink (x janji),gold,macam2, sblah ayah:macam2]
bila dah smpai dewan, pengantin x sampai lagi.. so everybody have to wait in the bus since rombongan kna jalan skali dgn pengantin~.. hurmm... guestS there with [merc, bmw & name it~] curious and stare at us like ...haahahha.. my bro said, "bas sekolah tu yg x tahan" [maksudnya: kita naik bas sekolah..spoil lah! (bas baru lah RH 42..)]. adeh..nak tarik langsir dah terlambat~!

and... there come the bride & groom!!
bro:"ehh..mcm pernah naik keta tu" mak cik:"awat x cakap macam pernah bawa ja keta tu :)"
depa naik waja merah tu.. sis's car... adeh -everybody:waja jer?-

*music pengantin~* ehh kompang lahh// masuk dewan.. hehe
kedudukan jalan masuk dewan
mak & ayahku
me & my bro
*kosong x da org nak jalan sini*
atas red carpet~.. adeh -_-..segan gill.. hurmm rasa nak lari sembunyi ja~ *jakun*
and so, sis & barif went to the 'pentas utama~'..cet. we left there pinga2. huh. and slumber ja kakiku melangkah ke meja vip..hehe parents naik atas stage makan skali.. right now, i can see cik's face turning red.. flush..kihkiih..
then, my bro & i are called to be on the stge.. sudah *gulp*.. so, km pun jalan lahh~
part 2: awkwardness on da stage! ahaks


  1. red carpet!!! O__________________________O *lebih jakun dari ang*

  2. ahahah..
    thanks to my new bro & sis

    yeah, i think we should really establish the fainted-jakunese group


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