Sunday, December 21, 2008

rombongan che nak~ [part 3]

lps sg buloh, the journey continued..
hujan lebat on da way and that makes me sleepy~ yawning all the time..
but, ada rasa la.. hurmm baik tidur je lahh.. nanti kat tapah bgtau

waking up, and saw tapah r&r sign but the bus keep on straight -_-

act, i buat lagi.. perangai pi depan..susah payah jalan goyang2 dlm bas, bgtau kat ayah & driver
"ayah.. satgi nak berenti kat mana?" "bukit gantang" "adik nak pi toilet *sengih kerang rebus*" driver: "ahh.. satgi sabar dulu" dlm hati, baeklah -_-
semua orang sengih gelak2 to me.. hurmm..i can smell kerang rebus scents all the way till i reach my seat.. x_x
lastly, dia benti kat tol ipoh utara [jelapang dulu].. dlm hati --l> akhirnya, benti jugak~~...
dah la hujan, sejuk, x tahan, bus benti jauh! redahla hujan lebat tu ke destinasi tandas dgn high heels pakai knuri tadi.. aduh seb baek x tergeliat
alahai, kuar ja toilet, ramai jugak join gelak~~
[*muna, igt masa pi tganu?? juniors: "nih..nih..nih (kecuali ampa) nak pi tandas cikgu!" T_T"' ]

kmudian, gimmicknya pun bermula..
smpai penang, my cousin HH do the same but i dont really realise his intention untill he told us.. hahah..lawok la.. ada sorang lagi memerut =D
while waiting, my cousin SK who sat beside me said, "rasa jugak lah.. senak~" "pi lah, sementara dekat" "tak mau lah.. tak pa.. boleh tahan" "lor, pi lah. nak teman (hope not, hujan lebat tuu) ?" "tak pa, tak mau lagi" -fuhh..jahatnya aku- hehe.. so, she dont..

then, suddenly, when the bus gets moving, she said she cant stand anymore! senak! -adeh nak gelak ada, nk marah pun ada- kindly, i go to the front (once again) and tell them to stop somewhere.. and (once again?) all laughing at me.. i say out loud "cik wakil je lah!" but nobody takes any notice.. -_-
when i reach my seat, i can smell, i just sat there half-heartedly and half of the seat.. =)
my mak cik yg sat by me then said, "awat?" "SK senak" SK: "mak cik, tolong x tahan" mk cik: "hoih, buat elok2 skit" and i just ter-smile to see that cik scold her.. hehe.. sori, that's just what do i really feel, ok
then, a niece went straight to sit by the driver.. hahaha.. apa kes?

at sg muda's stop, almost everybody came rushing down.. uh oh.. what do really happen here?

skali lagi bas terhenti, kat gurun.. i was like.. bila nk sampai??
hurmm.. as this is the last stop, i should settle down my stuffs..hehe hope no more stopping after this

BUT, to everyone's great reliefs -me too- the bus stop at hutan kg toll..
semua orang memerut.. -_- at 2 a.m, i think.. food poisoning, i guess
but, to my surprise, nobody feel that this is truly annoying although it is really annoying to memerut at 2 in da mrning! and everybody laughing.. hahaha.. seagull
well, who'd ever thought that this wedding trip will end up like this? hahahah and everyone was like.. offering helps to each other.. well, ubat..balm..minyak.. *lots of thanks anyway
when everybody feeling a bit better,
mak ngah say, "adik, nih bukan rombongan che kiah dah nih, rombongan che nak! [nak = senak perut]..i laugh out loud
cousin HH: "kita mai 100 tan, balik 80 tan.. 20 tan lagi merata kot jalan [merata tempat berenti singgah buang]" that time, im ROTFL! =)) nearly lahh

from this point, i can feel that this unexpected event make our family bond stronger! well, for every cloud there's a silver lining.. Setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya.. =)

lepas tu, bus tros pecut.. hahaha..
our journey end when everybody get ready in da bus starting to rush to their home's toilet.. hahahaa.. even my bro ask for the key from my dad when we enter the very familiar street!

alhamdulillah~! sweet journey for us.. remains on our on loan memory
home sweet home and my first place to settle down is.. u-know-it.. it's everyone's anyway!

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