Wednesday, December 17, 2008

im 16.. and having a new other bro. who'd ever imagined this??

im 16.. and having a new other bro. who'd ever imagined this??
that's it, hanya Allah akan mengetahui; always hope for the best.

new year . new life . new form . new me

it's another 15 days left before the new 2009 year..
but it do really mean that im getting younger and life will become trickier as 16.
what i take as trickier to me are the sort of things to deal with such going to tuition *batu hempap*, being alone -ma sis is far far way there at the eastcoast -with her own family- that nobody can teach me. -_- even x sempat pon math ritu

last night, i spent my bedtime crying -malas nk ngaku-. i cant really find the reason but somehow i can tell that i'll be missing my sis so much after this! uh oh..what kind of feeling that strikes me// i dont know.
it's not that im not happy with her marriage [it's better this way (that she's married) than she's becoming an andartu NAUZUBILLAH!]. but.. i just cant accept all this in a sudden time. dulu, b4 kawen, my sis told me that she once also sad when cuja-my-maksu & cik-my-mak cik got married..because she thought that they would no longer spend time with her..

hahah..i just laugh at her when she told me about this.
but now, sapa yg kna balik.. haha serve me right *makacih*

but, to keep things positive & being possitive, i should be happy & glad for her and welcome my new bro! barif.. kikikih nama baru
heheh.. :D kazenku nma ba'eh.
arini nih depa balik, doakan depa slamat smpai :)

love my sis so much
adikk yg wangii~!

//still in dazed with jacob ..ahahha..// seagull!


  1. 'what i take as trickier to me are the sort of things to deal with such going to tuition *batu hempap*'

    *ak mengalih batu yang menghempap pala ang dan balut pala ang yg berdarah*
    uuuuuuu ... -ang yang galak gatai merla amik byk subjek tu wat pa? haha-
    bukan ang sorang saja yang nk naek form 4...

    i ditched twilight. the language ish too scary... and i dunno when and where to skip those scary things.. anyway i stopped reading it so i dunno about jacob.. i juz know that he suspects edward? something like that..
    *still loyal to her new crush edward cullen*
    i love you edward!!! haha seagull~ arrrkk~

    p.s. kalau nk nosebleed ak ada tisu. ngeh.

  2. hahaha... 'farhana, adikk, farah, kak pahana, kak phana, dik ana'..
    ergh. fasihah, adik, adik siah, kah siha, kak shihah, chi'a, che'ah, syihah, syi'a.. nickname ak lebih byk yang seagull drpd ang :P

  3. ahhaha..thanks but i still can feel the load (of an invisible stone)..@_@
    anyway, ang balut buruk arr-

    weh, edward tu nampak tua la dlm vdeo..ang click twilight guys~! link tu dlm beE connected..

    about the names, nmpaknya ang lagi seagull drpd aku..:P

    hahah.. no need tissues anymore when i'll just let it be..hahah..baru ala2 vmpire..ahahah

  4. aduh~..
    best ke ada org baru kat umah ha???

  5. sdey2...huhu..
    tp, amacam, bez x dpt abg bru...?

  6. muna, aisyah
    best la biasa ja
    cuma x leh nak wat loyar buruk mcm km wat kat abg km, dia x paham -_- adeh.
    kmarin wedding depa di sana, they look like such a perfect couple..hehe..kakak sapa la yg lawa tu~ kihkihkih

  7. oh no mom terdelete vdeo my sis senyum mengancam..



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