Monday, December 22, 2008

lov it, luv it, love it!!

i love my page.
hahaha..that's it.

believe it or not, i made it my self.. yeah, editing the html..thanks to ms moto' template, anyway.
it's up to u on what do you think when seeing lots of pooh graphics here in my blog.. =) coz i truly in craze with pooh since my childhood era.. hurmm.. and i know, im being childish all this while.. hahaha
i do really wonder, when will i stop being childish.. *gagagga* ;)

however, i have a problem where im being kinda selfish tonight but i dont want to. but, it keeps flashing in my mind where, -ahh forget it-..
ok, i admit im feeling quite uneasy when i view a friend's blog tonight.. where i saw my sweetheart there.. -_-
oh, come on! it's not only you who live in this world.. that's what my heart been saying to keep me cool.. and it do helps, a bit however.
to tell the truth, i have this it's-only-mine problem since in standard 1..-_- i get angry when i saw my friend colouring a bird in green where i know she copy mine. huh childishnya aku.

go, go away childish-like me!!

to tell you the truth..
once, in form 3, i get mad sorang-sorang at my friend because she copy my answer.. ngek la kau farhana! -_- but, i manage to cool down and consequently, she's one of my best buddies!

you know what, after expressing it in this entry, im feeling a bit better.. Alhamdulillah

+_+u are NOT alone in this world
+_+accept others opinions although u know yours are better
+_+stop being childish
+_+but, don't be too advance.. ur almost 16, not 61

i know i'll laugh out loud in years coming when i view this entry.. hahaha even right now im laughing..
farhana yg x berubah, semoga kau berubah!


  1. nice page dear..
    it's very normal for a teenager to get mad and it is ok being childish when you are 16..enjoy when you still can enjoy being a teenager!!

    btw, u've been TAG!!

  2. yay! *gagaga*
    so, kita enjoy!

    what.. tag? adeh


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