Thursday, December 18, 2008

it's about twilight -brief review

yeah, the book have been published long time ago ..2005.. and i've just read it.
if it's not my friend who send it to me, i wont ever know about it.

edward is in the picture above. and there's bella. they are truly in love although edward was kinda weird on the first day they met.
it's bad for bella to be in love with a vampire. a vampire who was born in chicago 1900. nonsense. -_-

'enough for forever'
because the love is blind, bella willingly want to become a vampire.. so that she wont be old ..always 17 untill 2999 maybe? just like edward & the cullens~
so, edward bit her under her throat
and there come, bella the vampire!

kheee..! ;D <--vampire

i love to quote bella saying,
“For some reason,
my temper was hardwired to my tear ducts. I usually cried when I was
angry, a humiliating tendency.”

it's just same to me. i remember how i cried horriblely in primary school because of a boy. -_- stupd that time.
so, does everyone cry when they're angry or it's just me & bella ?? :)


  1. huk2.. sama.. kalau marah sgt tu ak masuk bilik ayaq + nyumpah (sambil nangis).. aiya~!
    yes, like what bella said, it is a humiliating tendency. DDDDDDX
    uu.. teruskan usaha ang baca twilight~ nti cita kat ak.. malas kuasa lapan nk baca (plus, kalau baca novel mana nampak muka hensem edward tu.. ngehehehehehehe)..

  2. x sama.
    aku x ska masuk bilik air

    sumpah org?? haengusan lah~



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