Tuesday, December 2, 2008

chicken soupS

salam evrybdy..

uh oh! to think that the day is coming nearer..*gulp* and i still dont get any present for my sis.. uh oh again..
what should i buy?? i thought about giving her a pair of pjamas once but where to to find that stuff? so glad to live in perlis~~ till last night, wandering here and there, i spot a truly brilliant gift! Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul
but MPH store is nowhere to be seen in perlis!! -musnah!- the nearest: sg ptani drive snirik x balik dah kot nanti..
what makes me feel i-cant-NEVER-get-the book is if i placed the order online, it will take 3-5 business days to reach my home. its ok but that mean, on this coming friday 5/12/08 (the day my sis come back) OR next tuesday, 10/12/08 or even 11/12 if they skip raya~.. huhu, can u all imagine, a courier come to my house on the eve of wedding feast with crowds there? kantoi la aku.. huh
'psl pa tu farah?' 'awat td dik ana?' 'kak phana buat gena' heh.
hahaha tensi!
so, i think i should just accept my bro's offer, hehe..sharing money to buy her the weeding present. i dont know what should we buy..he & I totally have different tastes -_-
p/s: sis, sory about the lost thing! (>_<)

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