Saturday, December 13, 2008

alhamdulillah~! dah selamat

hari ni memang hari yg memenatkan -rushing here and there-...haha
but still, im happy to gain a new brother~!!.. but yet, im still afraid of losing my sis. NO WAY. it wont happen -i hope so.. anyway, im happy with my world :) my life full of happiness & joy

p/s: biarkan mereka60x di dunia mereka60x.. hahahaa :D


  1. arrrr!! nauw joore back!! muahahahahahahhahh!!
    xdak apa kat blog ak kecuali benda2 yang x best. huhu. nothing much to say.

  2. huhu.."rushing here n there"sound mcm best..hahah..nant pon km nak rushing sana-sini la wak2wedding kak km...


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